Common questions

STUD-RX is a unique telehealth care coordination system that brings men and providers together to successfully address ED.

Generally, commercially available products such as sildenafil (Viagra™) or tadalafil (Cialis™) are FDA approved for ED. Personalized (compounded) medications are not standardized (certain sizes fits all); therefore, are not FDA approved. However, the procedures that are required to be followed during compounding or the process of making of personalized medications are overseen by the FDA. It is recommended that commercially available products should be tried first and if desired effects are not achieved after adequate dose increases and/or adverse events occur then personalized (compounded) medications may be used. Of course, this is between you and your provider.

There is no cost for the medical visit only $35 each month for ANY of the treatment packages.

Any anatomical male over the age of 18 having erectile dysfunction

Yes, a prescription if deemed appropriate by your provider a prescription will be provided after your visit.

Your provider is committed work with you to ensure success! If response is suboptimal then the provider may deem other therapies or dose changes are necessary.

Yes, you may cancel your subscription anytime (cancelations must be made 72 hours prior to next scheduled shipment/delivery to avoid charges).

Our providers have the full spectrum of solutions (commercial and compounded) available for ED. Since we are local, we can ship or deliver the same day if the address is within 30 miles of a STUD-RX HUB Pharmacy. We are committed to your success.

Yes, please email a request for transfer to prescriptions@stud-rx.com.

If within 30 miles of a STUD-RX HUB Pharmacy – same day if visit completed by 3:30 pm or priority 1-2-day mail if outside area.

STUD-RX is available in Texas for Texas Residents only.

Our servers are HIPAA compliant, and your information and/or Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure. For further details please read our Privacy & Legal or our Terms & Conditions.

Account questions

Please log into your STUD-RX account and go to the PROFILE tab. You may edit your billing/ shipping address here.

Please log into your STUD-RX account and click “Update Payment Method”.

Please log into your account and click “Switch Plans” in your MY PLAN section under the “Membership” page.

Yes, please log into your STUD-RX account then go to Membership tab in MY PLAN page and click the CANCEL button. This will deactivate your account and you will not be charged anything going forward if the cancelation is at least 72 hours from the next delivery date/time.


STUD-RX is working diligently to become available outside of Texas and when that happens, we will let you know.

Our service is prescription based and our medications cannot be returned by law but If you feel your shipment was delivered by mistake, please let our customer support assist you via chat, or email at presription@STUD-RX.com.

No worries. All mailings are done through USPS and have associated tracking numbers that should indicate the status. However, there is no charge to re-send the package while efforts to track your shipment are made.

Yes, overnight shipping is available Monday-Thursday for delivery if placed before 12PM CST. Orders placed after this time will be sent the next business day. If you are within 30 miles of a STUD-RX HUB Pharmacy same day delivery may be requested.


Pleases call 911 immediately

Experiencing or having rash, hives, itching, swollen tongue or face, difficulty breathing, or trouble swallowing can be symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Dizziness upon standing or sitting up, flushing, indigestion, headache, low blood pressure (hypotension), back pain, muscle pain, and runny and/or stuffy nose.

Seek emergency medical help immediately if you have a painful erection (hard penis) or an erection that lasts for longer than 4 hours. This can be a dangerous situation that can lead to permanent damage if not addressed

No, only those packages and associated medications are available, but you may elect to switch packages. Your provider will work with you to determine the best course of therapy for you.

No, and It is important to keep your providers involved in your care and up to date on your health including all medications.

Within 24 hours your record will be reviewed by your provider and your medication can be delivered or mailed.