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Conquer Your Fear, Starting Today.

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Learning to swim means becoming comfortable and happy in water over your head. Jumpstart your learning with our Introductory Live Online Class. You'll turn a corner with your swimming. Turn the second corner in the Beginning course, online or in-person. Then you'll be headed in the right direction! This is the 'missing manual' you've awaited for decades. Learn with others who feel as you do. 2 hours, $39.
Conquer Your Fear

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Good news: There’s so much you don’t know about the water! 🙂 Much of it can be heard for the first time via our podcast, book, and DVD. The first steps of overcoming fear are not about the water! Our 37 years of research mean your search is over.
Conquer Your Fear

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach adults who are fearful in water how to be happy in water, whether it's shallow or over their heads. When you're afraid, something happens. At Miracle Swimming, you learn what it is, how to stop it, and how to prevent it from starting. That’s the Beginning course. Learn what being safe in water is actually about. Students are surprised: it's fun!

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Easy, peaceful learning!

It’s not about the water. It’s about learning to be calm.

Founder, Melon Dash
Online courses now
Safe pool courses: soon

  • Learn without being afraid
  • Become calm and self-reliant in water over your head
  • Discover that conquering fear IS learning to swim
  • Enjoy learning that's unavailable elsewhere
  • Overcome a significant amount of fear online
  • Change your life!
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One Student's Description

I consider myself a good student. I listen, I focus, I try my best. But no matter how many swim classes I took (countless over the years), the fear of water stayed with me. I dreaded those classes – the cold water, the mechanical instruction, the anxiety of ‘not getting it’.

From the first few minutes of Miracle Swimming’s Beginning class, I knew it was different. The steps of their method are so minutely incremental, it didn’t feel like they were teaching. It felt like talking to a good friend in a safe and warm pool, and before you know it, you’re making progress. You ‘get it’ right away that once you feel safe in water, you’ll naturally want to explore more of the water. Just that realization alone was worth more than all those other classes put together.

To say that this was money well-spent is an understatement, as the experience has been invaluable to me. —PS

Upcoming courses

Overcome ~50% of fear of water at home. No pool needed. No joke.

During Covid19, learn on land. Prove it in pools as they open.


“…I realized that I’m not in a state of panic about coronavirus,
likely because of all the lessons learned last summer in your class!
I’ll never forget hearing that what we were learning would serve us beyond the pool.
Thank you for creating Miracle Swimming.
It truly has changed my life.” -M. Ricks

beginer course

Pool Course
May resume in Summer, 2020 with social distancing.
Start at the beginning with essentials you won’t find elsewhere. They’re not physical skills. Then  cover all the shallow water skills you need, with an approach that has never failed to keep students happy. Begin to be at ease in the deep by starting to rely on yourself for your safety, not on the side or the bottom. (24 hours)

Each student has a 6 foot by 6 foot space to learn in with the same size square of empty space, divided by foam noodles, between him/her and the next student.
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Online Live Course
Remarkable progress
can be made in overcoming fear of water and learning to swim without getting into the water. Fear is healed in the heart. Most of what you need to know can be learned online. Our rich conversation delivers exactly what you want before you get into the pool. This course is all the dry-land sessions of our normal Beginning Course plus all the pool learning by visualization that we can fit into the 24 hours. All questions will be answered and all beginning skills will be taught as time permits, just as in a normal in-person Beginning course.
Any missed classes can be reviewed by watching the weekly recorded Zoom video session.

beginer course
beginer course

The Ultra Beginning course is the exact same curriculum as the Beginning course except that it progresses more slowly. We stay in shallow water. Start at the beginning with essentials you won’t find elsewhere.

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We cover as many shallow water skills as time allows, while you remain happy. Begin to learn how to rely on yourself for your safety, not the bottom or the side. (24 hours).

beginer course
beginer course

After you can rest for 5 to 10 minutes peacefully in water over your head, you may want to become proficient in the water. To be eligible, you must be peaceful in the middle of deep water in a pool for at least 5 minutes and be a graduate of our Beginning or Beginning and Next Step courses.
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When you’ve mastered your safety in the deep end of the pool and you can “hang out” there as long as you want, there’s one more level of competency to win: freedom. We call it owning the pool.

beginer course

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